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Dream Designs

Dream Designs

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Welcome to Dream Designs : ]
I’m the maker of this community, my name is Tyra
I’m 15 years old and I live in Nova Scotia
My favorite color is pink & sport is soccer
I like to make graphics in my spare time as you
can see for yourself. My favorite thing to make
would have to be blends and headers.

I have a few simple rules to follow so if
you could read them that’d be great;
1.Make sure to comment when you
take something, and its appreciated
if you also comment if you like something
2.Make sure you CREDIT if you do
not then you get one warning then you are banned
3.No hotlinking, upload to your own server.
Try photobucket

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[ Saturday
This Community is Friends Only

Read the rules below
1. You must credit dream_designs I will be making random checks and if I find out you are not crediting, I will warn you once, if you don't credit it within two days, or you don't credit again I will remove you.
2. You must comment. I'd even like for you to comment even if you don't take anything. Tell me what you like, don't like or would like to see more of.
3. Do not request things, sometimes I will make a post saying I'm taking a number of request, only then can you request.

Now, since you've read the rules join the community, you do NOT need to comment and tell me to add you.
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